We have been designing and manufacturing woodworking machinery since 1955

The demands for our machines grew in the mid 60‘s, making it necessary for us to find larger premises and to build a new factory.
The last production plant was completed in 1998 and with this, our flexibility has increased substantially.

Reliability and experience in the design of machines are and always have been the criteria for our customers. So, it was no surprise that other industrial branches i.e. synthetic components industry, electric industry as well as the automobile industry, took interest in our know-how and in our products. Today, HÖFER machines are known and used world-wide.

General Management
Ing. Heinz Pesendorfer

Telephone: +43 7208 8444-5
Telefax: +43 7764 7570


…domiciliate Ing. Gerhardt Höfer and his wife in Taiskirchen. They start with the production of agricultural machines, construction machines and joinery machines in a small hall.


As the house-building industry is booming, woodworking machinery is high on demand. HÖFER takes advantage of this situation and increases the designing and construction of woodworking machines.


The shop HÖFER had starting in, back in 1955, is now definitely too small. They buy up surrounding lots and erect an additional shop and hire more employees, producing mainly veneer presses and veneer saws.


In this year, HÖFER delivers the 300th veneer spindle press. At that time five metalworker and two trainees are employed.


While other manufacturers are still making spindle presses, HÖFER is already relying on hydraulic technology, making him the first Austrian manufacturer to apply hydraulic components in veneer presses.


The positive development of the company and the demand on machines from HÖFER make it necessary to look for a suitable location for a new building. They decide on a shut-down sawmill.
The existing buildings are demolished giving rise to a modern producing firm with approx. 2.000 m².


During the following years the shop will be constantly enlarged, so that by the mid 90’s, there is a work area of approx. 6.000 m².
New products are being designed: press technology for the synthetic firbe industry, the electric industry as well as all sized machines for the automotive industry. The small shop from 1955 has now become a company with over 100 employees, selling their products all across the world.


1998 – Again, a further building is added on to. A new assembly-area is made, increasing the total size of the plant to more than 10.000 m².
Equipped with an excellent assembly infra-structure (30 ton crane unit – hook height 10 m, CNC-working centres with up to 8 m length) and more than 10.000 delivered machines, HÖFER has been built on a solid foundation and is ready to take on future challenges.


Im Jahre 2009 wurde durch ein Management-Buyout die Eigentümerstruktur gewechselt. Die HÖFER Presstechnik GmbH übernahm den operativen Betrieb.
Die strategische Ausrichtung des Unternehmens wurde vom Maschinenhersteller für die Holz- und Automotivindustrie auf eine breitere Basis gestellt. Entsprechend den vorhandenen Kernkompetenzen der Firma. HÖFER – Druck und Temperatur – wurde das Produktportfolio um die Bereiche Schmelzkunststoffe, Composites und Laborpresstechnik erweitert.