Highfrequency Technology

Advantages of Höfer high-performance plants in an overview:

  • Configuration, conception and design specific for each customer using the latest 3D CAD technology.
  • The entire planning and manufacture of the plant by Höfer.
  • The heavy-duty machine design and the use of high-quality components guarantee operation for decades.
  • The running operating costs of the plant are kept to a minimum through low-maintenance concepts.
  • Our Höfer service team provides fast support from qualified technicians.
  • The total package provides high availability and productivity of the plant, which gives you a head start.
  • HF technology for significant reduction of cycle times in gluing processes.

High-frequency technology:

It is especially in the wood industry that HF technology is used, e.g. for drying wood but in particular to heat up glues. The decisive advantage of dielectric heating as compared to conventional types of heating such as contact, convection and radiation heating, is that it is independent of the thermal diffusivity of the material. That is why materials of any desired volume and cross-section dimensions can be heated up in the shortest time. If a component is made of different components, selective heating of certain materials (parts) is possible. This advantage helped considerably in launching dielectric heating in the wood industry. It can, for instance, heat up the adhesive joint in bonded wood joints and cure the glue without significantly increasing the temperature of the surrounding wood layers. The curing period can be reduced to less than 30 seconds. Höfer developed and produces the first HF X-LAM press worldwide.

But it is not only the wood industry that applies this technology; in the plastics and composite industry special glues and primary materials are also heated and dried with this method.


  • Immediate heating of the treated materials after the high frequency power is switched-on – no heat losses
  • Constantly increasing the temperature in nearly homogeneous materials. It’s not possible to overheat local areas
  • Various heating of different materials (eg, wood and glue), so selective heating of certain substances are posssible
  • Due to the special arrangement of the electrodes, individual parts of a body can be heated with high frequency technology
  • The geometric dimensions of the body and its volume have no influence on the rate of heat.