Laboratory Presses

Laboratory presses are required for different fields of applications. On the one hand for the development of new materials and on the other hand for the quality control during the production.
The manufacturing and development of GRP (glass-fibre reinforced plastics), CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced plastics) or other composite materials like prepregs are the application of these presses. The high precise laboratory presses are also used in the wood-research, the plastic-industry, the rubber-industry and many other ranges of development.

Tolerances of few 0,01 mm and temperatures up to 500 °C followed by a controlled cooling can be done with our presses. Our machines can be produced as downstroke or upstroke presses. The recording of the process-data is implemented on every Höfer laboratory press.


  • Tolerances of as little as 1/100 mm
  • Temperatures up to 500°C
  • Controlled cooling
  • Heating and cooling presses
  • Various ways to achieve the required temperatures
  • Process data recording



Organosheet plant

Organosheet plant   This double diaphragm forming-press is used in the development of organosheet material. In the foreground is the flexible use of the machine to realize an high flexible use in the laboratory. In the core of the development...

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