2 pcs. Feed-through presses Hoefer HKP300

Press area: 2300 x 1400 mm
Pressforce: 300 kN
Specific pressure, based on 100% of the press area: 90 N/cm²
Stroke: 200 mm
Press cylinders: 10 x Ø125 mm
Return stroke: 2 x Ø85 mm
Maximum operating pressure: 240 bar
Opening speed: approx. 50 mm/sec
Closing speed: max. 50 mm/sec adjustable
Belt speed: approx. 21 m/min
without heating unit – installation of heating system possible

New electrical system
Mechanically completely reworked (cylinder re-sealed, hydraulics checked, …)

Applications as single press or heating / cooling presses
Feeding system can be adapted

Price on request