Case-clamp Koptronik with ball screw spindle technology

Efficient and flexible. Great versatility with regards to the utilisation, characterizes the Koptronic. It can be used to press cupboards, drawers, round top frames, designer furniture and much more. Get a better perspective when finishing your high-quality cases with respect to the internal procedures. Increase your output while decreasing the costs. The case clamp Koptronic is very versatile. The intercombing pressure walls are absolutely parallel and accurately perpendicular to the frame construction.

The pressing force is built-up via gear motors which can be set for each pressure wall individually. Pressure manometers exist to adjust the pressure.


  • Ball screw spindle technology – as in CNC machines
  • Colour Touch Screen for easy operation
  • Optional: Koptronik is available with a processing speed of 200 mm/sec
  • Extensive range of accessories allowes for single-person operations.

Here you can download the product information.