Case-clamp Koptronik Pro with unrivaled speed – 200mm/sec

A real alternative to a feed-through case clamp!

Unrivaled traverse speed – 200mm/sec. For moving of 1 m only 5 seconds are required!

The 8-spindle construction is already in the basic machine included. Automatically change to the optimal pressing speed by means of proximity switches. For automatic operation a front light barrier is included. Because of wide range of pressure force beginning from 150 kg this machine can also be used for bathroom furniture like mirror cabinets.

A wide range of options lead to a more rational and more efficient production and to a essential assistance in the pre-assembling and end-assembling. Therfore a 1-person operation is mostly possible.

Sturdy frame with solid counter-pressure walls. The pressure walls are designed as intercombing closely aligned steel battens that are well suited for mitre-pressing as well as for framework.

The pressure walls are intercombined and guarantee parallelism and absolute angular accuracy of frame construction. The pressure build-up occurs via gear motors. The pressure can be adjusted on the touch panel.


  • 200 mm/sec
  • 8 spindle construction
  • pressure force starts with 150 kg
  • Safety light barrier on the front side

Here you can download the product information.