Cross laminated timber plant

If CLT, X-Lam or KLH different names are available for one product.
Cross laminated timer (CLT) is the renewable solid-building material of the future.
The worldwide first plant for the production of CLT large format boards with HF-technology is developed and manufactured by Höfer!
If a production with cost effective MUF-adhesives in combination with HF-technology or a production with PU-adhesives in combination with cold presses, Höfer is your partner by the production of CLT.

The single layers of the board can be laid loosely due to a sophisticated transport system. To realize a high flexible process, the first layer of the board can be laid as length- or cross-layer.

The heavy double feed-through pressing line with a pressing area of 3 x 3 m enables the production of CLT-large format boards. The construction of the press allows a specific pressing force of 10 kg/cm² by the full charge of the pressing area. To produce board with a faultless surface, a side pressing and longitudinal pressing unit is installed. The machine is characterized by the short cycle times in combination with the heavy construction.
The whole plant is designed to produce CLT-boards according to the EN 16351.

The adhesive hardening with HF-technology decreases the cycle times dramatically, hence the productivity of the entire production is increased.
The whole plant is exactly designed on the requirements of the customer, so your advance is guaranteed.


  • HF-technology
  • CLT, X-Lam, KLH
  • CLT large format boards