Customized hydraulic concepts

From simple 2-stage hydraulics to the high-tech servo-hydraulic

High-tech and innovation tailored to each customer

The entire hydraulic concept out of own hand.

By the customer-oriented planning of hydraulic the efficiency can be increased, increasng of energy efficiency and reductionof noise emissions. High-tech and price are in conformity.

The development of the complete concepts and cooperation with renowned hydraulic system manufacturers enable the development of optimal solutions.

Furthermore only hydraulic components of highest quality are used from reputable manufacturers.

The complete package is decisive:
Our hydraulic concept includes the electro-technical concept, ie control, software and control technology. These are precisely adapted to the process requirements of the customer.

The hydraulic design includes:

  • cylinder from our own production
  • valves
  • pump concepts
  • drive systems
  • automatic Control

Our own hydraulic cylinder manufacturing enables optimum matching to the production processes.

Years of know-how and experience in the hydraulic automatic control are further our and therefore your advantage.

High tech and innovation are our daily life!
Our know-how is your advantage