Feed-through Caseclamp Kopmatik

Economic and flexible – a self-adjusting case clamp that can cope with the constricted requirements of continuous line production.

The feed-through case clamp KOPMATIK will help you reduce the cost and time spent on set-up and adjustments. The workpiece is scanned visually and the machine will adjust itself automatically. Only pressing time and pressure have to be determined by the operator.

  • The base frame is made of solid rolling-profiles
  • Pressing force from 200 kg bis zu 3500 kg
  • Adjustment speed max. 200 mm/sec.
  • The horizontal pressure element is a sturdy table construction
  • The frame of the vertical pressure beam is made of thick steel tubes
  • Central pressure element for vertical pressure beam (additional accessory)
  • The control unit is a PLC Siemens, series S7-300

Here you can download the product information.