Full-automated door-production line

The large-scale production of doors is this pressing line’s task. Höfer took care of the entire planning and manufacture of the door production plant. The customer’s greatest benefit in this pressing line is that the individual components in the plant are matched to each other thus realising an optimum cost/benefit ratio.

The use of a dual-press plant with lateral pressure and shuttle conveyors before and after pressing permits short cycle times. If there are difficult spatial circumstances or other production methods, the dual press can also be made as a multidaylight press.

The required plant automation was adapted specifically to the manufacturing situations. The rugged press automation from Höfer provides decades of operating life with comparatively low maintenance costs.

  • Dual presses for implementing short cycle times, dual presses can be designed as multidaylight presses
  • Press mechanisation in accordance with the customer’s requirements
  • Continuity of the plant components
  • Cost-efficient heating of the presses with the customer’s heating system

Here you can download the product information.