HF – Glue beam press

Enormous production rates and pressing forces are the requirements placed on the high-frequency press for laminated timber. In the rough production environment, this solid block press is used to produce construction laminated timber that meets at least the requirements as per DIN EN 14080. Long parts of up to 13m are manufactured using cyclic work. A heavy-duty feed roll conveyor with alignment function for the slat packs is installed in front of the glue beam press. This conveyor stabilises the raw glue beam and aligns it before it is transported into and pressed by the glue beam press. A heavy-duty outgoing conveyor takes over the parts from the glue beam press.

At Höfer, high-performance plants are planned together with the customer. Based on state-of-the-art 3D technology, plant layouts and cycle time analyses are prepared even before the designing starts. This concept of a press for glue beams includes automatic placement of the glue beams, a supply conveyor with lateral stabilisation, a high-frequency press for laminated wood and an outgoing conveyor.


  • HF generator powers of up to several 100 kW
  • Solid press frames secure high-performance operation for decades
  • Configuration, concept definition and design based on the state of the art
  • Highest energy efficiency since the plants are matched to the process
  • Höfer turn-key projects secure the greatest cost-effectiveness and longevity
  • Höfer high-performance plants provide decades of operating life with comparatively low maintenance costs