Laboratory press with pressure or speed control

This press is used for laboratory applications in the wood materials research. New adhesives and compositions in the field of chipboard, MDF and HDF board production are produced on a laboratory scale to their characteristics of the possible implementation of large-scale systems to determine.

Pressure force: from 15 to 210 to
Spec. pressure: from 4 to 60 kg/cm²
Pressarea: 500 x 700 mm
Cylinder: 300 mm Ø
Operating temp.: up to 250 °C
pressure accuarcy: +/- 0,5 bar
Pressing speed: up to 15 mm/sec. at full load
Thermaloilheating with cooling facility
Process data recording to PC


  • for material testings
  • large setting of the pressing force
  • high Pressure Accuracy