Laboratory presses

Laboratory presses are being used in many different applications. On the one hand, to develop new materials and on the other hand for quality control during production.
Applications such as the manufacturing and development of FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastics), CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced plastics) or other composite materials such as prepreg. These precision laboratory presses are also used in the Wood Research, the plastic industry, rubber industry and in many other areas.

Tolerances of as little as 1/100 mm and temperatures up to 450 ° C followed by controlled cooling is possible in our laboratory presses and combined heating and cooling presses. The presses can either run as a upstroke or downstroke press.

There are various possibilities to achieve the required temperatures for the development of these composite materials. Normally, steel heating plates with heating cartridges are used for temperatures above 300 ° C . Another alternative would be a thermal oil heating systems as they offer many other technological advantages.

Depending on the customers requirements, different analyzes of the process data can be logged in the laboratory presses, e.g. time, temperature, pressure, distances etc.


  • Tolerances of as little as 1/100 mm
  • Temperatures up to 450 ° C
  • Controlled cooling
  • Heating and cooling presses
  • Various ways to achieve the required temperatures
  • Process data recording