Precision feed-through press for manufacturing flat laminates

CFRP flat laminates are produced on this precision feed-through press. A press area of 1500 x 4000 mm enables production of large format boards. The highest demands placed on the precision and repetition precision set this press for carbon-fibre mats apart. The first expansion level includes a coating conveyor, a precision feed-through press and an outfeed conveyor.

In the second expansion level, the plant is expanded with an unreeling device, a pulling system and a saw unit. The continuous boards are now manufactured on the pressing line.

The raw material is stored in an unreeling device in front of the press and fed into the process. Using the pulling system behind the press for prepreg, the material is always pulled one cycle length through the plant. A specifically developed sawing unit automatically cuts the laminates to the required sizes.

With the facility of continuous board manufacture and the automated length cutting, the customer was able to significantly reduce the material waste, securing its head start.


  • Manufactures flat laminates with a tolerance of 0.05 mm
  • Version of the plant for continuous production of the laminates
  • Automatic laminate length cutting
  • Unreeling unit for raw material
  • Several heating zones on the heating plate
  • Heating up to 250 °C
  • Heavy-duty design of the press for carbon materials
  • Control link to ERP software