Process matched temperature control

We have been dealing with pressing a variety of materials for more than 50 years. These can be wood, plastic, rubber or metal materials or composite members, referred to as composite materials. During this along with the pressing force, the “right” temperature plays a significant role.
It is not only the temperature but above all the type of feeding that is of decisive importance, depending on the production methods and the kind of material.

High-tech and price are harmonised through the process-matched temperature solution.

We can offer our customers a great number of temperature control processes:
• Resistance heating wire
• Fluid media heating / cooling
• Combination systems (heating up with heating cartridges and cooling down with fluid media)
• High frequency
• Heating cartridges
• Infrared

Along with the type of temperature control the design of the heating plate and the heating-plate insulation are also decisive points. This is where we can offer a great number of solutions to match each requirement. Whether aluminium heating plates or a steel heating plate combined with the listed temperature control processes, Höfer responds individually to each of your requirements. We master tool holding fixtures such as T-slots or tap holes and even the temperature control of pressing tools.

Naturally Höfer pays special attention to the use of heating plate insulation. The insulation ultimately determines the precision and ruggedness of the press, so here the requirements are precisely analysed to guarantee long durability with constant process quality.

The higher the quality of the finished product, the more important the following points become:
• The right type of energy supply
• Uniform distribution across the entire surface
• Linear or incremental raising
• Controlled cooling down of the heated materials
• The entire control concept
• and last but not least logging the entire process flow

Temperatures up to 500°C, especially in laboratory presses in material development, are a welcome challenge for our technicians and developers.

High-tech and innovation are our daily business.
Our knowledge is our head start!