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Veneer- and panelsaw – FSP-A with automatic operation

The newly developed veneer and panel saw FSP-Automatic, has been adjusted to the requirements of the present-day manufacturing processes, because of its future orientated total concept, featuring

– central control of all machine functions
– double-linear guide-systems
– synthetic safety cover for the cutting area
– automatic cutting procedure sequence

the rationalization potential can be expanded.

For the cutting of all types of veneer, wood, chipboards, panels with synthetic or veneered surface, plexiglass, non-ferrous metals and various panels used in the construction branch.

The veneer and panel saw FSP-A has a number of additional supplies to make it possible to equip your machine to suit a variety of applications. Thanks to the modular construction, other components can be added later.


  • GS Test Certificate
  • Linear-guideways
  • Central greasing points
  • Solid pressure beam and gear rack balance
  • Chipping unit device
  • Different cutting length