Special Plants

New processes, high production outputs, difficult spatial circumstances or special niche products call for the use of special plants in production and manipulation. Special plants from Höfer are adapted exactly to the specific requirements. The production process and its parameters are the centre of attention for every special plant; the Höfer team develops an efficient solution together with the customer.

If you are looking for a special press, special saw or a special solution, Höfer is the right partner for you.

A variety of special presses have been developed and produced by Höfer, for instance

  • a gridiron platform press, also called a grate press,
  • a press for structural components,
  • a multi-level press for felt,
  • a press for renewable raw materials
  • and even a hydroforming press.

Special sawing solutions have also been implemented a number of times, for instance

  • an angle cutting centre for wooden large format boards,
  • a board-sawing machine for oversized formats
  • or a flying saw for cutting flat laminates to size.

In the special applications area, the Höfer engineers have solved special requirements such as

  • a high-speed board marking station
  • a low-cost robotics solution for loading and unloading machine tools,
  • a machining centre for ceramic strips,
  • or continuous board manufacturing for cement particle board.

We use our in-depth knowledge of special mechanical engineering and our technical service to secure your head start. Your projects are a welcome challenge for our competent team in Development and Production.

Advantages of Höfer special plants:

  • Project engineering, conceptual design and construction of the machines is done with newest 3D CAD-technology
  • The whole planing and production of the plant is done by Höfer
  • The heavy engineering and the use of high quality parts guarantees the use of the plant over decades
  • Based on low-maintenance concepts the operating expenses are very low
  • The Höfer service team provides a fast support of high qualified technicians
  • The whole package realizes a high availability und productivity of the plant and also your leadership

Plant for the production of continuous boards

Layout for a special plant for the production of door beams



Customised automation solutions

Customised automation solutions Automation solutions from Höfer are adapted precisely to the process or machine. Höfer provides a great number of solutions such as: Tool changer appliance for large tools Press mechanisation with shuttle or rail...

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Machining center for ceramic-strips

Machining center for ceramic-strips   This portal milling / ginding machine is used for the machining of ceramic strips. A working area of 16 x 1 m allows the machining of large components. With totally 7 machining axes a flexible production...

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Special saws

Special saws The panel saw is used for cutting and dividing plastic workpieces up to a thickness of 200 mm. Technical data: Cutting length: 13000 mm Rear fence stop: 1350 mm Feed speed sawing unit: bis 30 m/min Feed speed fence stop: bis 40 m/min...

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